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Sari Robins was born and raised in New York, married a Southern gentleman, and lives with her family in Georgia. She is a tax attorney with a Masters at Laws in Taxation. Before changing careers, Sari worked for Delta Air Lines and a premiere tax advocacy trade association.

In 2000 Sari realized that deep inside her beat the heart of an author. Now, while using her legal skills to navigate the business of publishing, she also gets to be more creative than she ever could have been with a legal brief. She loves writing fiction, particularly narratives set in the era Jane Austen made famous, England's Regency period (1811-1820).

Sari's newest book, THE GOVERNESS WEARS SCARLET, is the latest installment in her Andersen Hall series which began with ONE WICKED NIGHT (July 2004) and MORE THAN A SCANDAL (July 2005). All of her books can be read on their own or as part of the series. Prior to those publications, Sari wrote her debut novel, HER SCANDALOUS INTENTIONS (12/02) followed by ALL MEN ARE ROGUES (8/03). Her other recent books include books in the Andersen Hall series, WHEN SEDUCING A SPY and WHAT TO WEAR TO A SEDUCTION.

In addition to appearing on CBS Sunday Morning nationally, some of the media that Sari has been in includes: SEASON Magazine; Atlanta Journal Constitution's Peach Buzz column; Atlanta Woman Magazine; CHAI Magazine; POINTS NORTH Magazine; The Jewish Times; LILITH Magazine; The Northside Neighbor; Atlanta Journal Constitution; Associated Press; and others.

Sari believes in supporting worthwhile causes. Some examples of her efforts include: donating autographed copies of her books as part of a special kickoff brunch for champions for charity for The Lymphatic Research Foundation; helping to raise money to support victims of Katrina; donating books to ART Station for its annual fundraiser--The Raising of the Green; donating autographed copies of her books for a books basket raffle and auction in support of the Kalamazoo YWCA's Domestic Violence Program with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the shelter; participating in Chapter 11's Books to Baghdad program; and participating in the annual "Readers For Life" Literacy Autographing hosted by the Romance Writers of America with the proceeds of all sales going to literacy charities.


Sari is quoted in an article from the Associated Press:

Can't Judge Romance Novel by its Steamy Cover

Sari appeared in two recent articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Five metro Atlantans share romance novel successes
Professional Romantics

As seen on HBO: Ever watch HBO's hit series, "Six Feet Under"? What else would the character playing Vanessa's sister be reading except Sari's "Her Scandalous Intentions." That's right. You'll catch Sari's cover in the episode entitled, "Death Works Overtime."

Atlanta Woman Magazine picks ONE WICKED NIGHT as one of its favorite books.

Sari in her favorite Atlanta Journal Constitution column "Peach Buzz".

Rhapsody and Doubleday Book Clubs select WHAT TO WEAR TO A SEDUCTION for special hardcover release! This lovely hardcover edition is available by joining one of the book clubs.

My other books, MORE THAN A SCANDAL, ONE WICKED NIGHT, ALL MEN ARE ROGUES and HER SCANDALOUS INTENTIONS, are also available in special hardcover editions!

ONE WICKED NIGHT to be published in Russia!

HER SCANDALOUS INTENTIONS is translated into Russian and Italian editions!

Sari Robins' debut historical, HER SCANDALOUS INTENTIONS, selected as a Best of the Best of 2002's Romance Books reviewed by the Oakland Press.

Great News! MORE THAN A SCANDAL will be published in BRAZIL!

Check out my video for WHEN SEDUCING A SPY! Check out my video on writing romance!



A passion like theirs won't stay secret for long

Haunted by a terrible tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele roams the streets of London as a masked vigilante. One starlit night, he rescues a veiled young woman. . . and she unleashes a fiery passion he'd thought long dead. Though they explore every inch of each other's bodies, they must keep their faces hidden, for an illicit affair could have dangerous consequences for them both . . .

In the harsh light of day, Jason's primary concern is hiring a governess to care for his two young nephews. He has no idea that Abigail West is the tantalizing woman he meets under the cover of darkness each night. But when they discover a kidnapping plot that could plunge them all into mortal danger, Jason and Abigail will be forced to reveal themselves . . . and lay bare their incredible, explosive attraction for all the world to see.

An Avon Romance

Read an excerpt from When Seducing A Spy!

The Andersen Hall Series continues with


The A B C's of Seducing A Spy:
Acquire a connection
Beg an introduction
Charm and Disarm
Egage the senses
Flirt for all you are worth


Heath Bartlett doesn't want to believe that his childhood friend had any part in the dastardly crime he's investigating--but the bewitching, intoxicating beauty is certainly hiding something. And he will do whatever necessary to uncover the truth.

The ton sees her merely as the castoff of a disreputable rake. In truth, Lady Tessa Golding is protecting her own secret, so she dares not surrender to Heath's intimate temptations - despite that when Heath comes within arm's reach of Tessa, passions flare. Though the danger to the Crown is too great, and the threat to their vulnerable hearts even greater . . . when a passion this heated is unleashed, sometimes even the strongest must submit.

An Avon Romance


"What does one wear to a proper seduction?"

Edwina groaned as she stared at her reflection in the tall gilded mirror. "And what now? I'm putting on the clothing simply to have it taken off."

And why would proper Lady Edwina Ross dress to seduce "London's Perfect Lover"? Because Prescott Devane, the notorious rogue, is the only one who can help the desperate lady with her scheme to catch a blackmailing fiend. Because no one else could play the role of a love-struck fiancé so convincingly. Because a faux engagement, secrets, the threat of scandal, and the promise of untapped passions are too tantalizing to ignore. Because, if the need arises, every woman should know what to wear to a seduction . . .


A passion that is less than lawful and


Lovely Catherine Miller has always been timid--until the treachery of unscrupulous cousins threatens her childhood home. But her discovery of the journal of the notorious "Thief of Robinson Square" has given the resourceful lady a plan. To exact a righteous vengeance, she will don the mantle of this "Robin Hood" who, years ago, preyed on pompous Society. She doesn't realize, however, that the one man in London who has sworn to stop her is the man she has loved in secret since she was twelve!

An important mission to unmask a traitor has brought Major Marcus Dunn back to Catherine Miller, only to find that the shy, awkward girl he remembers is now an enticing young woman with a spirit as strong as his. But the tempting enchantress guards a secret, and Marcus fears his desire for her could expose his own--and send them both careening recklessly toward a passionate love far more perilous than mere scandal.

Prior Releases:
One Wicked Night
All Men Are Rogues
Her Scandalous Intentions


Sari is quoted in an article from the Associated Press:

Can't Judge Romance Novel by its Steamy Cover

Sari appeared in two recent articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Five metro Atlantans share romance novel successes
Professional Romantics


Sari was interviewed on Word Talk Radio. Click here to listen and go to Segment #2

Sari was interviewed by Gail Cohn on Radio Sandy Springs as part of the show Book Talk With Gail

Points North Magazine February 2005: "That's Amoré! Four local women find their happily ever after writing romance novels."

Sari in her favorite Atlanta Journal Constitution column "Peach Buzz"

Atlanta Woman Magazine picks ONE WICKED NIGHT as one of its favorite books.

SEASON MAGAZINE: Passionate Pursuit

Atlanta's Chai Magazine Profiles Sari Robins: "The Art of Romance"

Northside Neighbor: Signing offers romantic afternoon

Sacramento Bee: Banking on Love

Sari appears in Atlanta Woman Magazine's award winning article: The Business of Romance by Annabelle Robertson!

To check out Annabelle's book, The Southern Girl's Guide to Surviving the Newlywed Years: How to Stay Sane Once You've Caught Your Man, go to: http://www.annabellerobertson.com/



Sari on the CBS Sunday Morning News!

Thank you CBS Sunday Morning! Thank you Serena Altschul!

The coverage of the RWA convention was wonderful and it was great fun to be a part of it!

Serena Altschul visits the 25th annual Romance Writers of America Convention in Reno, Nevada, where there is more than romance in the air.

On Sunday February 12, 2006, Sari was on the CBS Sunday Morning News as part of the coverage of the Romance Writers of America Conference in Reno this past summer. For the segment, called BETWEEN THE COVERS, Serena Altschul interviewed Sari and fellow romance writers Nora Roberts, Tara Taylor Quinn, Kelly St. John and others.



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Did you know that romance books account for over $1.4 billion dollars worth of sales? Did you know that over 50 million readers out there are reading romance novels? Did you know that one out of every two paperback fiction novels sold in the U.S. is a romance novel? A full 50 percent--which means the other 50 percent accounts for horror, mysteries, science fiction, legal thrillers, etc. combined!

Click here for other remarkable statistics on the romance industry from Romance Writers of America (RWA). A printable PDF brochure will load.

Click here for a wonderful editorial on Romance ("A Fine Romance") in the New York Times by my friend, Eloisa James. Eloisa's writing is always on target and it's nice to see it reflected in such a respected newspaper.

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